11 July 2010

Successful on Beatport...

From Symphnic distributiomn

Every now and then you stumble on an article that can open your eyes and/or just redefine the way you think. We believe this is one of those articles. Many of our label partners are constantly asking us what it takes to be on Beatport. Once being on Beatport, the challenge is all about remaining, building a great brand, and growing your label and artists. Simply put, JUST putting out music is NOT the way to go, there is a lot to the industry and a lot to running a Digital Record Label brand. Since we are huge advocates of giving you the information we recommend for all artists and labels to read this as a form of evolving and growing. Consider everything that the COO of Beatport.com is speaking about as it really does provide a groundwork on how you can be successful on Beatport.

Read the article and tons of other industry stuff at: