03 September 2010

Recording vocals for beginners

Found on ResidentAdvisor.NET

(This is a great read from ResidentAdvisor.net and one we feel fits in great in the SymBlog.com “Education” section).
Recording high quality vocals can be a daunting process for a beginner, which is why we’ve decided to offer a guide to infusing your productions with the human voice. RA’s Jono Buchanan gives you the know how.
Those of us who get hooked on producing electronic music don’t tend to think about vocals first. The thrill of combining a great collection of drum samples in a loop, a bass part, maybe a lead line… these are usually the things that inspire us. Then, over time, our capacity to refine both the sound choices we make and how the musical structure of our tracks flows becomes more sophisticated.
We’re great at picking up new techniques from the records we hear and, what with even the most basic DAWs offering native effects and sampling capabilities, the vocals we need can often be found on sample CDs. The time may come, however, when you suddenly find yourself humming a catchy hook over a new track. If the reason you haven’t yet taken the vocal recording plunge is because you aren’t quite sure how, this piece is dedicated to answering all the questions you ever wanted to ask about basic vocal recording.