10 October 2010

Social Media And Your Record Label, How To Combine Them

Found on soundsector.net

Social media is a powerful tool for every website, blog and.. company. That is right, you could use social media to put your label in the spotlight and increase your sales, the amount of feedback and the number of spins from the topnotch DJ’s in the scene. Here are a few pointers to make the most out of your social effots.

Use those bookmark buttons

Nowadays you can find social bookmarking buttons pretty much everywhere. You can share news and releases with a click of a button. Even Beatport has a share function which allows you to spread your release to Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and many more social sites.
Create a blog
It can be a pain in the ass to maintain and update a blog, but it’s an interesting way to gather more ‘followers’. Write about the artists you sign and share interesting insider facts. There is no need to spam your new releases, just write about your everyday whereabouts.

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