10 October 2010

Where To Buy Quality Samples


As every artist I am always in need of samples. I bought various sample packs throughout the years and I have built quite an impressive multi gigabyte library of sweet 16 and 24 bit goodies. So where do I get them? Here are a few places that are particularly good for buying sample packs.
TrackItDown is a jack of all trades, and a master at none. They offer a load of services and one of those services happens to be a sample pack store. The samples have an okay price, but with some Googling you can perhaps find the same sample pack, only a little cheaper. To be honest TrackItDown has got quite a selection in a plethora of genres, but their selection isn’t nearly as extended as it could be.
Found this one a while ago and has been my favorite ever since. They offer a wide range of formats, types, genres. (though their main focus is electronic dance music) If you are a sample-phile like me you will be well pleased with the wide array of samples they offer. A big plus with Primeloops is the friendly staff. Good and fast contact.
Loopmasters offer great quality and good prices. Plus, they’ve got a lot of nice extra’s such as LoopTV, a music production video channel. (Though, Primeloops has something comparable) Nice selection of samples, but the website is a bit of a mess.